The Challenge

R&E Entertainment are a talent and media agency based in Florida. The agency represents athletes, global brands, renowned chefs, and media personalities. I was asked to help them evolve their original branding which can be seen below.

The Outcome

There were a few issues with their original logo. The previous design didn’t paint a true picture of who they are as a company and read as RE instead of R&E (see original logo above). Their previous name made them sound like they only operate in the sports vertical, people looking at the brand didn’t understand that work across four different sectors.

As R&E Operates in Four distinct verticals Marketing, Media, Sports and Talent Management.  The focus of this project was to develop a brand with a distinctive look and feel that communicates who they are. I started with providing logo concepts incorporating R+E to make their company name more clear. From there I looked at adapting the logo and creating a colour palatte to define the four different sectors they work in.

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